The Impact of National Health Insurance Policy to the Implementation of Health Promotion Program on Public Health Center in Indonesia

Abstract: National Health Insurance (NHI) Program has been implemented in Indonesia on January 2014. That program definitely brings some changes into managerial aspect in public health center (PHC). This study aimed to determine an impact of NHI policy in the implementation of health promotion programs at PHC in South Tangerang City, Indonesia. This study was conducted using qualitative method during February and March 2016. The impact of NHI is seen on policy, budget, equipment, human resource and implementation of health promotion program. With purposive sampling method, six policy makers, eight service providers and eight service users were selected for in-depth interview. As many as 17 documents were analyzed. Observation conducted at four selected PHC. Data analysis used thematic content analysis. There was no difference of PHC’s functions before and after NHI period. Budget expended for health promotion programs had increased after NHI implemented which it could be opportunity for PHC to make innovations, procure materials and implement better health promotion programs. Capitation budget which could be used for executing health promotion program and some recently implemented health promotion programs in NHI era becomes an evidence that NHI policy has a positive impact in the implementation of health promotion program at PHC
Keywords: Health Promotion Program; national health insurance; public health center
Author: Mochamad Iqbal Nurmansyah, Bulent Kilic
Journal Code: jpkesmasgg170001

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