ABSTRACT: Increasing the use of breastfeeding program, especially exclusive breastfeeding is a priority program, because of its wide impact on the nutritional status and health of children under five. One way to achieve breastfeeding success is to have confidence. People are often confused by the terms self-confidence and self-efficacy. Good attitude that is owned by someone, especially mother in breastfeeding which influence to baby growth and development should be applied in behavior so that it expected to improve maternal and child health especially in decreasing infant mortality rate. This research was aimed to know the self efficacy picture in exclusive breastfeeding in 3rd trimester pregnant mother. This was quantitative descriptive research. The design of this research was descriptive approach. Population in this research was all third trimester pregnant women who visited at puskesmas Tegalrejo in the last one month, that was January 2016 with the amount of 69 third rimester pregnant woman. Samples were obtained using Slovin formula, that was 41 respondents with 10% deviation rate (0.1). The data analysis used was univariate analysis. The result of this study showed that at Puskesmas Tegalrejo Yogyakarta, in part of pregnant women aged 20-35 years as many as 36 respondents (87.8%), most respondents who have high efficacy are respondents aged> 35 years as many as 2 respondents (66.7%). Most respondents who have low efficacy were respondents who have medium education that was as much as 11 respondents (42.3%). Most respondents who had high efficacy were respondents who do not work that were as much 18 respondents (69.2%). Most respondents who had high efficacy are respondents with multiparity that were as many as 14 respondents (60.9%). It was concluded that most respondents had self-efficacy in exclusive breastfeeding as many as 25 respondents (61%).
KEYWORDS: self efficacy and exclusive breastfeeding
Penulis: Halimatus Sakdiyah, Eka Nurhayati, Dyah Pradnya
Kode Jurnal: jpkebidanandd170427

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