Pengaruh Hypnobirthing Terhadap Percepatan Lama Kala II Persalinan di Puskesmas Kota Yogyakarta Tahun 2010

Abstract: Five percents of delivery women through vagina get a longer delivery that is caused by a scare in facing delivery so that is can stimulate in creasing of stress hormone thatcan disturb uteric contraction and make delivery longer that it must be. A longer delivery can also cause shock, dehydration, infection, utery inersia and fatal emergency if it doesnot get pirst aid an soon as possible. Hypnobirthing is the alternative way to stop scaring feeling. In delivery, hypnobirthing is used to prevent longer delivery accident that is caused by psiological factors of mothers, those are scaring feeling and anxiety in facing delivery prosess.
Objectives: The purpose of this was to know the effect of hypnobirthing to the accelerationof delivery phased duration in Puskesmas Yogyakarta City in 2010.
The Method Of this research: This study is a pure research by using Posttest Only With Control Design. The location were in Puskesmas Mergangsan and Puskesmas Tegalrejo in June up to July 2010. The research subjects were delivery mothers in first delivery phased that ful filled the criteria. Sampling technich that was used purposive sampling. Independent variablewas hypnobirthing and dependent variable was second delivery phased duration with nominal and rasio scale with independent satatistic t-test in trusred level of 95 %.
Result: From 60 respondents, 30 person (50%) got hypnobirthing (experiment group) and 30person (50%) did not get hypnobirthing (control group). The were a significant differencesbetween the two groups to the acceleration of second delivery phased with t account value 3,432 and P value (0.001) < 0.05 so Ho is un acceptable it means that is the effect of hypnobirthing to the acceleration of second delivery phased.
Conclusion: Hypnobirthing in first delivery phased could accelerate the second delivery phased.
Keywords: Hypnobirthing, second delivery phased
Penulis: Susilo Rini
Kode Jurnal: jpkebidanandd100058

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