Nurses’ Intention and Behavior in Reporting Adverse Event: Application of Theory of Planned Behavior

Abstract: Data show that globally the number of patient safety incident reporting remains low, also at Baptis Batu Hospital, East Java. This study aimed to determine the influence between attitude, subjective norm and perceived behavioral control (PBC) to the intention and to determine relation between PBC and intention toward nurses’behavior in reporting adverse event. This study used cross sectional approach and conducted at Baptis Batu Hospital from March 16th to March 31st, 2016. Data measurement was done using questionnaires that were distributed to 82 (of 85) nurses working at Baptis Batu Hospital. Data were analyzed using multiple linear regression and Spearman correlation. The results showed that attitude (B = 0.496; p value = 0.000) and PBC (B = 0.766; p = 0.037) significantly influenced the intention to report adverse events, while subjective norm (B = -0.087; p value = 0.540) did not influence the intention to report adverse events. There was no relation found between PBC (r = 0.037; p = 0.739) and intention (r = 0.031; p value = 0.783) to behavior of reporting adverse event. These findings indicated that nurses’ intention in reporting adverse event was influenced by attitude and PBC, not subjective norm. In contrast, intention and PBC did not relate to adverse event reporting behavior.
Keywords: Incidence-reporting behavior; intention; nurses; theory of planned behavior
Author: Ni Putu Ekayani, Viera Wardhani, Asih Tri Rachmi
Journal Code: jpkesmasgg170001

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