ABSTRACT: Toddler period first of two years of life is a golden period (golden age) as well as critical period for toddlers because they facing the task of growth and development very rapidly. Nutrition disorders in those days can be permanent and can not be recovered even if the nutritional needs of the future are met. Various factors that can cause of less nutrition in toddlers can divided into two, direct factor is closely related to food consumption and infection while indirect factor related to knowledge aspect, nurturing pattern, socio-economic, health service and so on.
The purpose of this research is to analyze The Correlation of  Mother Visit of Mother Visit of Maternal and Child Health Services with Nutrition Status of Toddlers in Ketapang Raya Village Keruak District East Lombok
The method of research is analytical descriptive, co relational research using cross sectional approach. Population in this research  are 110 with total samples around 86 parents and toddlers. Sampling technique used non probability sampling with purposive sampling method. The result of this research showed that the statistic test with significance level α = 0,05 got result  p-value 0,838, it means p> α so it can concluded that there is no significant Correlation between mother visit of maternal and child health services with toddlers nutrition status.
The Conclusion, there is no Correlation between mother visit of maternal and child health services with nutritional status of toddlers with correlation level p = 0,022 or higher than error rate 0,05.
Hopefully, mothers can understand better of the purpose and benefits of maternal and child health services so mothers can more active and continue to conducting maternal and child health services for their infants and toddlers health.
Kata Kunci: Balita, status gizi, kunjungan posyandu
Penulis: Indah Wasliah
Kode Jurnal: jpkebidanandd180013

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