Internal Stigma of an HIV-Infected Housewife: a Phenomenological Study

Abstract: In connection with the transmission of the HIV virus, housewives may have experienced internal stigma, which can have an effect on HIV prevention and the treatment of AIDS. Twenty-three HIV-infected housewives were interviewed in a qualitative study conducted in North Jakarta. The data were analyzed using a phenomenological approach. Seven themes emerged to explore internal stigma housewives and to compose the essence of the internal stigma. The essence of an HIV-infected housewife who has internalized the stigma can be illustrated as an Indonesian proverb which is Hidup Segan Mati Tak Mau or in English can be interpreted as having lost the will to live, but not wanting to die. This could explain that AIDS forces them to live in anxiety in all aspects of life but as housewives, they must keep thinking about continuing life especially with regard to the future of their beloved children.
Keywords: Stigma, phenomenology, housewife
Author: Ossie Sosodoro Wisotowardono, Riris Andono Ahmad, Yayi Suryo Prabandari, Mohammad Hakimi
Journal Code: jpkesmasgg170109

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