ABSTRACT: Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) in Indonesia in 2012 reach 359/100,000 life of birth. Central Java province became the second rank after West Java, in 2013 with MMR as many as 644 and 668 in the year 2014. Power factor, passage, passanger, psychic and Helper is an important factor affecting the process of childbirth. The occurrence of problems in one factor can cause difficulty during labor one prolonged labor they are more at risk complications in the mother or baby. in banjarnegara District there are 15 Puskesmas that have standard Basic Essential Neonatus Obstetrics Care. Standard intranatal care has been applied to every existing Puskesmas in Banjaregara however, survey on 3 Puskesmas in Banjarnegara obtained the old January birth occurrences number-April 2016 as much as 59 cases of 468 birth or 12.6%. Of the 59 cases of old labor obtained 42 mothers experiencing childbirth with first stage > 14 hours (71.18%) and 17 maternity mother (28.81%) with second stage > 2 hours. Based on the background of the need for research the factors taht influence to ward length of labor. The purpose of the research: to find out the factors that influence the length of time labor of the stage I, II and III. Methods: the analytic approach used with correlational retrospective Population in this study as many as 129 maternity mother. The sampling techniques used sampling purposive with sample were 58 maternity mother. Results and Discussion: there is no relationship of factors age, parity, age pregnancy, height Fundus Uteri  and birth weight Baby against length of time the active phase of the first stage of labor (p-value of 0.05 > 0,257-0,746) and the langth of time the three stage of labor (p-value 0,283-0,692 > 0.05). There is no relationship of factors age, age pregnancy, height Fundus Uteri and weight Baby born against  langth of time the second stage of labor (p-value 0,266-0,826 > 0.05) and there is a significant factor in the Relationship of maternal parity against long time kala II (p-value 0.001 < 0.05). The higher the parity seems faster long labor the second stage. Conclusion: there is a relationship of factors parity against length of time the second stage of labor. While the factors age, gestational age, birth Weight, TFU not found the relationship against length of time  the stage first stage, second stage and three stage of labor.
Keywords: factors that  affect labor, Length of labor
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