Effects of Contraceptive Use on Productivity of Women Labor at PT. Bomar Makassar Industrial Area

Abstract: Work productivity is potential on the survival of a company. The use of contraceptives may affect the physiology of every woman, so it can affect daily activities and resulted in labor productivity. The aim of this study was to determine the contraceptive use effect on labor woman productivity by controlling with age, education and work motivation. Study with cross sectional design involved 71 married women workers of PT. Bomar Makassar who had got married. Data were found by interview using questionnaire on May to June 2015, then analyzed using univariate, bivariate and multivariate analysis. The results of the study indicate that, there was an effect of contraceptive use on woman labor productivity after controlling for variables as age (p value = 0.011), education (p value = 0.022) and work motivation (p value = 0.028).Withouth being controlled by those variables, a significant result showing an effect of contraceptive use on work productivity was also found (p value < 0.05). The results of multivariable analysis indicate that there were two variables which consistenly affected the productivity, namely work motivation (p value = 0.010) and contraceptive use (p value = 0.010). In conclusion, there is an effect of contraceptive use on woman labor productivity.
Keywords: Contraceptive use; women laborers; work motivation; work productivity
Author: Masni Mappajanci, Andi Misnawati, Darmawansyah
Journal Code: jpkesmasgg170015

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