Abstract: Violence behavior is one of mental disorders which can hurt oneself, others, and the environment. Patients with violence behavior are treated in intensive room, categorized according to the condition called the RUFA score. The RUFA score is to divided into intensive 1, intensive 2, and intensive 3. One of the intensive treatments to the patients is restraint. This study aimed to find out the effect of restraint on RUFA score on patient with violent behavior in Mental Hospital of Tampan Riau Province by applying pre-experiment research design and one group pretest posttest without control group. The sample was 17 respondents who had experience on violent behavior and restraint. Accidental sampling technique to used to determine the sample. The instrument used to collect the data was observation sheet. Univariate analysis to utilized to know the distribution of characteristic respondent and bivariate analysis to applied by using wilcoxon test. The statistical test result found that there was change in RUFA score seen from the median before restraint 6 and the median after restraint 5. The statistical test showed that effect of restraint on the RUFA score of the patient with violent behavior with p value (0.000) <α (0.05). Based on the results of this study to expected nurses can provide services needed by patients who are to attached restraint.
Keywords: restraint, RUFA score, violent behavior
Penulis: Dwi Septiani Putri, Veny Elita, Ganis Indriati
Kode Jurnal: jpkeperawatandd180095

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