Abstract: Sexual dysfunction is the presence of a disorder in one or more aspects of sexual function were assessed including sexual desire/libido, orgasm, and pain. This research aims to know the relationship of the use of contraceptive injections 3 months to sexual dysfunction. This research is descriptive correlation design by used cross sectional approach. The research was conduct  at Clinics Tempuling Sub-district. The number of samples is 38 respondents who are willing to be the respondent, according to the criteria of inclusion anduse of the technique of accidental sampling. Instrument used questionnaire. Analysis of univariate analysis is used to find out the bivariat analysis and frequency distribution using the chi-square test. The respondents sexual dysfunction occur with long term usage > 2 years is by 28 people (71.8%). The result of study showedthat there is a significant correlation the use of contraceptive injections 3 months to sexual dysfunction with p value (0.01). It is concluded that the use of contraceptive injections 3 months can lead to sexual dysfunction side effects to the acceptors injections 3 months. The results of this research can be used as one of the reference for health promotion of counseling or education about 3 months injection contraceptive effect sexual dysfunction.
Keywords: sexual dysfunction, contraceptive, 3 months injection
Penulis: Restu Arahman Melba, Sri Utami, Siti Rahmalia
Kode Jurnal: jpkeperawatandd180117

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