Abstract: This study aims to determine the relationship between the quality of sleep of school aged children against the occurrence of wasting in school aged children. This study is a cross sectional study conducted in August until January 2018. Samples are selected in SD Negeri 167 Pekanbaru using proportional stratify random sampling technique in which of 311 students of grade 4 and 5 were randomly selected using dice or lot and refers to number absent and got 89 samples. Performed weight and height measurements to determine the wasting and filling questionnaires modified by the PSQI researchers to determine the quality of sleeping school-age children. The results of the study showed that 9 year old subjects were 9% 10 years old were 53.9% 11 years old were 29.2%, 12 years old were 6.7% and 13 years old were 1%. The subjects 42 male students and 71 female students and the most common body mass index category was 79.8%, skinny as much as 15.7% and thin (4.5%). Students who have good sleep quality as 61 people (68.5%) and who have poor sleep quality as 28 people (31.5%). The result of chi-square test showed no correlation between school quality of schoolchildren child to school wage at p = 1,000 (p> 0,05). Conclusion: There is no correlation between school quality of schoolchild child to wasting in school age children.
Keywords: school age children, sleep quality, wasting
Penulis: Jelita Hotma Asy Simanjuntak, Herlina Herlina, Bayhakki Bayhakki
Kode Jurnal: jpkeperawatandd180079

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