Abstract: Elderly is someone who has reached the age of 60 (sixty) years and above, the elderly will experience an aging process that causes an increased risk of high health problems in the elderly, one of the problems of hypertension. efforts to improve and maintain health can be done by following posbindu elderly on a regular basis. Independence is the ability or circumstance in which the individual is able to manage or overcome his own interests without being dependent on others. The liveliness of elderly is activity or busyness of elderly in following posbindu elderly every month in local area. This study aims to determine the relationship of elderly activity following the posbindu elderly activity to independence of elderly controlling hypertension disease. This research uses correlation description research design and cross sectional approach. The sample of the research was 76 respondents who were taken based on the inclusion criteria using Proportionate stratified random sampling technique. The measuring instruments used were questionnaires and observation sheets. The analysis used is univariate analysis to know the frequency distribution and bivariate using Chi Square. The result showed that 58 respondents were able to control hypertension, 43 respondents were active in posbindu elderly (84,3%) and 15 respondents were not active in posbindu elderly (15,7%). Based on the results obtained Chi Square p value 0.04 <a (0.05) and it can be concluded there is a significant relationship between the elderly activeness follow activities posbindu elderly to independence of elderly controlling hypertension disease. The results of this study is expected to elderly to be active in posbindu elderly activities, thus the elderly can contro Blood Pressure.
Key words: Activity, Elderly, Hypertension, Independence, Posbindu Elderly
Penulis: Risky Rati Yolanda, Herlina Herlina, Safri Safri
Kode Jurnal: jpkeperawatandd180075

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