Abstract: Stroke is a serious neurological disorder, ranks high cause of death after cardiovascular disease and cancer that is influenced by many risk factors such as uncontrollable factors such as age, sex, race, and controllable factors such as history of hypertension, history of diabetes mellitus, obesity and cholesterol. This study aims to determine how the description of risk factors for stroke in Rejosari Pekanbaru Health Center. This study is a descriptive study using secondary data of stroke patients. Data taken in the form of education, occupation, age, gender, race, history of hypertension, history of diabetes mellitus, obesity and cholesterol, research sample are all stroke patients coming to Rejosari Pekanbaru Health Center that meet Inclusion Criteria. The results showed the highest proportion of stroke was ischemic stroke (93.3%), high school education (26.7%), and worked as private (50%). The highest uncontrollable risk factors were age 51-65 years (50%), male gender (66.3%), history of hypertension (73.3%), no history of diabetes mellitus (56.7%). obesity (63.3%) and cholesterol (66.7%) .The researcher hoped that the result of this research can be used as input for health workers, especially the nurses who work in Puskesmas Rejosari Pekanbaru to provide information about the causes of stroke to stroke patients.
Keywords: Risk factors, Stroke, ischemic
Penulis: Risa Nur Pajri Ds, Safri Safri, Yulia Irvani Dewi
Kode Jurnal: jpkeperawatandd180105

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