Abstract: Dysmenorrhea is an excessive pain during menstruation caused by uncoordinated uterine contrauctions. There were some pain managements for dysmenorrhea, one of them was autogenic relaxation. This study aims to determine the effectiveness autogenic relaxation against the intensity of dysmenorrhea. The research design used in this study was “pre- experiment” with “one group pretest-postest” only. The sample in this research were the VII grade students of Junior High School 3 Pekanbaru, the total sample were 17 experiment respondendents who taken by using accidental sampling techniques. The measuring instrument used was observation sheets. The analysis were univariate and bivariate analysis by using Wilcoxon tests. The result showed significant reduction of intensity dysmenorrhea on experimental group after the group has given the relaktation autogenic with p value (0,000) < ά (0,05). It means autogenic relaxation was effective to mreduce the intensity of dysmenorrhea. The result of this study is expected to be an alternative to handling the dysmenorrhea for young women.
Keyword: Autogenic relaxation, dysmenorrhea, menstruation
Penulis: Nurteti Putri Dewi, Sri Utami, Sofiana Sofiana
Kode Jurnal: jpkeperawatandd180087

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