Pengaruh TAPEL Terhadap Afterpain Pada Ibu Postpartum

Abstract: In order for this to reduce pain Afterpain due to uterine contractions that arc sometimes very disturbing 2-3 days Postpartum. TI1e purpose of this research is to know the influence of Tape! to Afterpain on Postpartum Mother in RB Ananda Kabupaten Mojokerto, Design of analytic research, using Experimental pretest - posttest. TI1e population of all postpartum mothers day 1 in RB Ananda Mojokerto regency until the sample is taken by purposive sampling with pretest posttest design. Tape! independent variable and dependent variable Afterpain. Data was taken using observation sheet.
Furthermore, editing, coding, scoring and tabulation, then performed data processing and continued with Wilxocon statistical test with the help olSPSS version 17.0. Of the 27 respondents (100%,) studied, all postpartum mothers said the pain was reduced after being given Tapcl. From result of data analysis using wilcoxon test obtained from a-symp. Sig (2 tails)) of 0,000 due to asymp.sig (2-tailed) <c 0.05, so HO is rejected and Hl accepted, so there is a Tape! effect 011
Afterpain on postpartum mothers. All post partum mothers say the pain is reduced after being given Tapel. This is due to the cold sensation and the warm feeling that the patient feels right now. Tape) is smeared into the front abdominal area and the smell ofa severe lapel (traditional brain). In mothers who experience Allerpain.
Keywords: Post Pattum, Tapel, Afterpain
PENULIS: Naning Puji Suryantini, SST., M.Kcs
Kode Jurnal: jpkeperawatandd170154

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