Abstract: Early Breastfeeding Initiation is one of factors that can help an exclusive breastfeeding success. The achievement of IMD in Indonesia is still very low, where as the demand of SC increases. This case is caused by low knowledge that influences women to do their role. One of women’s roles is doing IMD. This research aimed to understand the correlation of women’s empathy with the implementation of Early Breastfeeding Initiation (IMD) for the women of post Sectio Caesarea in the ward of Edelweiss RSUD in Jombang District. The design of research used quantitative research with cross sectional approach. Population was all women of post SC in the ward of Edelweiss RSUD in Jombang District as many as 41 respondents. Independent variable was the empathy of women, dependent variable was IMD. Samples consisted of 37 respondents, they were selected by non probability sampling technique with a kind of purposive sampling. Data collection used questionnaire. This research  was conducted for one month from April 25 to May 25 2016.The result showed that the most of 20 respondents (54,1%) empathized and almost entirely 32 respondents (86,5 %) didn’t do IMD. From the result of data that was gotten then it was given score based on provision and it was processed with using Chi-Square test. From Chi-Square test result is was gained ρ value = 0,100. ρ value > α (0,05) so that H1 was rejected, and H0 was accepted, so that it could be concluded that there wasn’t the correlation between women’s empathy with IMD for women of Post SC in the ward of Edelweiss RSUD in Jombang District.Based on the results above so that it can be suggested to do further research about other factors that relate to IMD
Key words: Empathy, IMD and Post SC
Penulis: Fienna Alissya, Rini Hayu Lestari, Sestu Retno, Rosa Purwanti, Fitri Firranda
Kode Jurnal: jpkeperawatandd170049

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