Disseminated Histoplasmosis in an Indonesian HIV-Positive Patient: A Case Diagnosed by Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

Abstract: A 30-year-old Javanese-Indonesian man was admitted with complaints of 3 months persistent fever, weight loss, and fatigue. He had never known his past history of unprotected HIV until the admission. His only risk factor is unsafe sex. The patient seemed well nourished. Physical examination revealed blood pressure 100/60 mmHg, pulse 100 beats per minute, respiratory rate 20 times per minute, and temperature 38.8°C. Multiple cervical and inguinal lymphadenopathies were also found. Electrocardiogram showed anterolateral ischemic finding, whereas chest X-ray were normal. Laboratory test results revealed pancytopenia with hemoglobin of 8.2 g/dL, leucocyte count 2000 cells/mm3, platelet 78000 cells/mm3, hematocrit 25.8%, AST 162 IU/L, ALT 81 IU/L, decreased albumin of 2.72 g/dL. The clinical differential diagnosis were lymphoma or tuberculosis lymphadenopathy.
Keywords: histoplasmosis; HIV; fine needle aspiration
Author: Nungki Anggorowati, Rita C Sulistyaningsih, Ahmad Ghozali, Yanri W Subronto
Journal Code: jpkedokterangg170404

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