Pengaruh penggunaan limbah industri jamu dan bakteri asam laktat (Lactobacillus sp.) sebagai sinbiotik untuk aditif pakan terhadap performans ayam petelur periode layer

Abstract: This study aimed to determine the level of feed consumption, egg production, feed conversion ratio (FCR), and the income over feed cost (IOFC) of layers at CV. Popular Farm, Kendal, Semarang. The study used 100 laying hens aged 40 weeks with average body weight 1,815 ± 0.12 g (CV = 6.65%). Feed compositions used for this research were corn flour, bran, premix, soy, meat bone meal and given additional sinbiotik). Experiments at-designed with a completely randomized design (CRD) with 4 treatments and 5 replications. There were 20 units and each unit consists of 5 laying hens. Giving sinbiotic given as 0%, 0.5%, 1%, and 1.5% in the feed. Sinbiotik gave effect at level of 0.5-1% (P<0.05) to reduce the number of intake and feed conversion ratio. Best treatment combination with the performance of chicken layer with a level of 0.5% with the results better of income over feed cost.
Keywords: chicken layer, prebiotics, probiotics, sinbiotik, feed consumption
Penulis: D. Natalia, E. Suprijatna, R. Muryani
Kode Jurnal: jppeternakandd160134

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