Pengaruh Pemberian Kombinasi Vitamin C dan Vitamin E sebagai Tindakan Preventif terhadap Gambaran Histopatologi Hepar Mencit yang dipapar Boraks

Abstract: The aim of this research was to evaluate the effect of vitamin C and vitamin E combination as prevention on liver histopathological in mice (Mus musculus) exposure borax. Twenty fve male mice of BALB/c strain were randomly divided into fve groups; P0 was given distilated water, P1 was given 260 mg/kg/day of borax, P2 was given combination of 28 mg/kg/day vitamin C and 105 mg/kg/day of vitamin E solutions and 260 mg/kg/day of borax, P3 was given combination of 56 mg/kg/day vitamin C and 210 mg/kg/day of vitamin E solutions and 260 mg/kg/day of borax, P4 was given combination of 112 mg/kg/day vitamin C and 420 mg/kg/day of vitamin E solutions and 260 mg/ kg/day of borax. Borax solutions on P2, P3, and P4 groups treated in a hour after each groups treated with combination of vitamin C and vitamin E solutions. The treatmentwere given by oral.  The treatment were done every day for 14 day. Thesample were observed increased Kupffer cells, vacuole degeneration, karyorrhexis, and karyolysis. The sample were compared and showed no signifcant difference. In conclusion, combinationof vitamin C  and vitamin E as a prevention couldn’t prevent damage to liver cells of miceexposed borax.
Keywords: borax, antioxidant, vitamin C, vitamin E, histopathologic
Penulis: Lita Purwita Sari, Thomas Valentinus Widiyatno, Indah Norma Triana
Kode Jurnal: jppeternakandd160288

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