Kualitas Karkas Ayam Kampung yang Diberi Ransum Mengandung Omega-3 Minyak Ikan

Abstrak: The purpose of this study to determine the quality of chicken carcasses were given rations containing omega-3 fish oil. This study uses a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with 5 treatments and 5 replications, each replication 4 free-range chickens. If treatment showed significance, then continued with Duncan's Multiple Range Test. The treatment consisted of fish oil that is R0 = 0% (basal feed), R1 = (basal feed 98,5%+1,5% MI), R2 = (basal feed 98%+2% MI), R3 = (basal feed 97,5%+2,5% MI), R4 = (basal feed 97%+3% MI). The variables measured were the weight of the chest (g), the weight of the thigh (g), the weight back (g) and wing weight (g). The results showed that the use of fish oil in the diet provides highly significant effect (P<0,01) in the weight of the chest and thigh weights, but the effect is not significant (P>0,05) to the weights and the weight of the wing backs. The conclusion that the quality of carcass weights comprised chest, thigh weight, the weight of the back and the weight of chicken wings increased the ration of fish oil to the level of 3%.
Keywords: carcass, chicken, fish oil
Penulis: Jein Rinny Leke, Vony Rawung, Jacqulein Laihad, Jet S. Mandey, Linda Tangkau
Kode Jurnal: jppeternakandd150392

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