Kandungan gizi dan Organoleptik Sie Reuboh dengan Penambahan Cuka Aren (Arenga pinnata) dan Daun Jeruk Purut (Citrus hystrix) pada Konsentrasi yang Berbeda

Abstract: This research aimed to study and evaluate the nutritional composition of sie reuboh treated with different concentrations of palm vinegar (Arenga pinnata) and kaffir lime leaves (Citrus hystrix) addition. The four treatments for sie reuboh were P0 (0 mL palm vinegar and 0 kaffir lime leaves), P1 (100 mL palm vinegar and 10 kaffir lime leaves, P2 (100 mL palm vinegar and 10 kaffir lime leaves). The parametes are nutrition  content  (water content, ash content, fat content, protein content and carbohydrates content) and organoleptic (hedonic qualiy test and hedonic test). The result showed that different concentrations of palm vinegar and kaffir lime leaves addition significantly affected (p<0.05) ash content and carbohydrates content of sie reuboh. Ash content in this study ranged from 3.11 % to 2.43 % and carbohydrates content ranged 3.89 % to 5.59 %. The result  of organoleptic showed that were significantly affected (p<0.05) on hedonic quality test (flavor of  palm vinegar, flavour  kaffir lime leaves and taste). The value of palm vinegar flavor has 3.17 to 3.83, the value of kaffir lime leaves has 3.00 to 3.57  and the taste value has 3.30 to 3.77. Different level of palm vinegar and kaffir lime leaves not affected at moisture content, protein content, fat content, hedonic quality (color and tenderness) and hedonic (color, flavor, taste, tenderness and overall appearance).
Keywords: Sie reuboh; Nutrition content; Organoleptic; palm vinegar; lime lives
Penulis: Masyitah, I. I. Arief, T. Suryati
Kode Jurnal: jppeternakandd160450

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