Gambaran Histologis Hepar Mencit Jantan (Mus musculus) yang diberi Ekstrak Ethanol Propolis

Abstract: The aim of this research was to fnd out the effects of propolis on histological liver in male mice (mus musculus). This research used 25 male mice which are 12 weeks old which has 25-35 g of body weight. They were divided randomly into fve groups. (P0) as a control was given tween 80 0.5 ml/KgBW/day, and other group were given propolis for (P1) 0,4 mg /KgBW/day, (P2) 0,8 mg /KgBW/day, (P3) 1,6 mg / KgBW/day, and (P4) 3,2mg / KgBW/day. After two weeks treatment, the mice eutiniced by cervical dislocationand then took the liver for the histological preparations. The histological staining used H.E. The data were analyzed by Kruskall-Wallis method based on Completely Randomized Design, and further analyzed by Z test. The result from statistical analysis showed thattreatment with propolis effect on histological liver in male mice did not give a bad effect on the body, so the propolis is safe for consumption.
Keywords: Propolis, liver, mice, histological
Penulis: Bagus Pandu Satrio Utomo
Kode Jurnal: jppeternakandd170053

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