Aplikasi Ukuran Linier Tubuh sebagai Penduga Bobot Badan pada Kerbau Rawa

ABSTRACT: The objective of this research was to predict swamp buffalo weight using simple linier body measurement. The height of wither (TB), height of hip (TP), heart girth (LiD), width of chest (LD), dept of chest (DD), width of hip (LP), thurl length (PK), width of rump (LK), body length (PB) were measured in centimeters using measuring rib, one meter ruler, and measuring stick, whereas body weight was determined in kilograms using two tons weighing scale. Linier body measurement ratio between male and female swamp buffaloes was analyzed using t-test analysis. The relationship between linier measurement variables were analyzed using correlation analyisis. Body weight estimator was estimated using best subset regression, linier regression and multiple linier regression analysis. Result of T-test analysis showed that linier body measurement between male and female buffaloes have signifcant difference in hearth girth, height ofhip and body length. Result of coeffcient analysis showed that heart girth and height of hip have ahighly correlation with body weight of male and female swamp buffalo. Estimation of swamp buffalobody weight could be estimated through multiple regression with heart girth and height of hip variables. It could be concluded that weight of swamp buffalo can be estimated using multiple linier regression formula, BB = 3.6435LiD + 0.1208TP - 265.43 for male swamp buffalo and BB = 4.1783LiD – 0.3086TP - 305,19 for female swamp buffalo.
Key words: body measurement, body weight, linear regression, swamp buffalo
Penulis: I. Galib, C. Sumantri dan A. Gunawan
Kode Jurnal: jppeternakandd170392

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