Abstract: Allegedly brachiaria grass can contribute to the growth of goats that a significant amount to the income of farmers, therefore, carried out research on the analysis of Brachiaria grass production and goat livestock enterprises, research carried out in the Central Canal Village High King Asahan District of North Sumatra in 2014, is by using the method survey of 15  respondents,  taken  intentionally  (pourposif  sampling).  Primary  data  and  secondary  data  were  analyzed  using  the economic financially B/C, the purpose of this study is to analyze the production of brachiaria grass in business development at the farmer's goat and economic implications kebijakan. That study showed that the production of Brachiaria grass, indicating that the net profit of about Rp.2.950.000/year with the B/C ratio of 1.2 and a net profit of the business of goats around Rp.2.632.000 year, the value of B/C ratio of 1.4, business brachiaria grass plants and goat farming traditional. Brachiaria  grass  cultivation  development  opportunities  and  goats  increasingly  bring  considerable  advantages,  when cultivated with good management, the high price of goats affected by livestock body condition, while for females seen from a good parent offspring, expected in the business of raising livestock farmers goat broodstock at least 10-20/farmers, so that will benefit 100% in real terms, the results of the income children, which is supported by the availability and ensuring the provision of Brachiaria grass, the nutritional value is quite high, so the goats are kept going faster the productivity of goats
Keywords: analysi; brachiaria grass production; goat business
Penulis: Rusdiana S, Sutedi E
Kode Jurnal: jppeternakandd140386

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