TUMOUR CASE IN KOI CARP (Cyprinus carpio)

ABSTRACT: A case study of tumour in Koi Carp (Cyprinus carpio) was observed in rearing periode. This tumour occurs solitary, large, pale red, fleshy masses under the lips and dentalplates on the outside, and by reason of its size, may prevent closure the mouth.Moreover, this tumour goes through into the inside of the mouth. At necropsy, therewere two soft, firm, small mass at inside of the mouth and the bigger mass at outsidethe mouth. Samples of this tumour were fixed in 10% formalin were used for histologyanalysis. The clinical course of the tumour is one of relatively slow but progressive growth. The proliferative stage of the neoplastic process is preceded andaccompanied by a striking vascular reaction. Intensed hyperemia invariably occursin that region of the mucosal surface which later becomes the site of neoplastic proliferation. Neoplastic cells lied around lamina propria and submucosal. Thesecells were joined together to make vacuolization and the other cells becomepleiomorphism with hyperchromatic nucleus and N/C ratio cells are 1:1. In some area, there were many empty holes, around the holes there were debris cells,inflammation cells, and erythrocytes.
KEYWORDS: tumour, Koi, neoplastic cells
Author: Lili Sholichah
Journal Code: pperikanangg100024

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