ABSTRACT: Domestication and mass production technology of clown loaches fish have been developed by the Research Institute for Ornamental Fish Culture, Depok and theInstitute de Recherche pour le Developpement (IRD). In the process, some constraintshas been found and one of them was the cost of production and sustainable supplyof Artemia as the only one of live food which used for clown loaches post-larvaeuntil 2-3 months old juvenile. To solve this constraints, the use of other live feed as a substitute or replacement of Artemia should be applied, caused by it research ofthe utilization of the kinds of live food on clown loach juvenile need to be done. Thisresearch aims to determine the kinds of live food which be recommended for thesubstitution of Artemia on clown loaches fish juvenile (Chromobotia macracanthusBleeker). Research carried out using 1month old clown loach juveniles designed intothe Complete Randomized Design in two factors namely are class of fish size S (35-50 mg), M (55-70 mg), L (75-90 mg) and the kinds of live food in the form of Artemia asa control, Moina, mini maggot, blood worms (Chironomus), and silk worms (Tubifex). Three levels treatment by class of fish size factor and five levels treatment by thekinds of live food factor produce 15 kinds of interactions with duplications. Theresearch was conducted at recirculation system for 8 weeks to 3 months old juveniles.Observations were carried and measuring the growth parameters including weight,total length of fish, as well as survival rate parameters based on the number of fish that live at the end of the research. The support is done by measuring the water quality of pH, DO, temperature, ammonia, conductivity, and nitrites, proximate analysisof feed also performed. The two of research step analyzed by ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) and continued by Tukey test.
KEYWORDS: substitution feed, Artemia, 1 month old of clown loach juveniles
Author: Nina Meilisza
Journal Code: jpperikanangg110010

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