ABSTRACT: Arwana Irian fish is one of the endangered species. Some studies on arwana Irian fish found that Lernaeosis attacked arwana Irian fish. Lernaeosis is one of the diseases thatcause the high mortality in juvenile fish. The objectives of this research was to find out the species of Lernaea (Copepoda) often attacked arwana Irian fish. Lernaea sp. wascollected from Papua and Jakarta (Java). They were fixed in the ethanol absolute solutionfor DNA sequencing in 28S DNA region with primer 28SF (5’–ACA ACT GTG ATG CCCTTA G–3’); 28SR (5’ TGG TCC GTG TTT CAA GAC G–3’). It was found five different species of Lernaea and one of them was thought as a new species, based on the morphology. However, based on the phylogenetic analysis, they showed three differentgroups. Lernaea cyprinacea G., L. papuensis, L. devastatrix, and L. lophiara were inone group; L. cyprinacaea and L. oryzophila were in one groups; and the new Lernaeasp. was in the different group.
KEYWORDS: Scleropages jardinii, Lernaeosis, Phylogenetic tree
Author: Dikry Novel Shatrie
Journal Code: jpperikanangg110008

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