TANTANGAN LITERASI INFORMASI PETANI DI ERA INFORMASI: Studi Kasus Petani di Lahan Pasir Pantai Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

ABSTRACT: Information literacy of farmers is especially signifcant for the growth of farmer, increasing farmers’ income, promoting effciency of agriculture and rural development. The aims of this research are getting to know 1) the challenge of farmers to understand the needs, source, access of agricultural information and 2) the challenge of farmers information literacy: possess, syntesize, analyze, disseminate and adoption of agricultural information. Participatory action research was choosen as a tool forenacting farmer-driven research. This result showed that the challenge of understanding the needs ofagricultural information are slightly on the low level because farmers have understood the needs of information variety to enhance better farming. They can mention the basic needs of agricultural information on farming in the coastal sandy land which are resistant seed, watering and mulch system,biochemical of fertilizer and pesticide, and market product information. The challenge of farmersinformation literacy on how the farmers possess, synthesize, analyze, diseminate and adoption ofinformation are demanding. Majority of farmers who called as members of farmer group have merely depended on the information which is provided by the group. They mostly conduct information literacyand access agricultural information by using interpersonal approach.
Keywords: information literacy, farmers, coastal sandy land, Yogyakarta
Penulis: Alia Bihrajihant Raya
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd170536

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