ABSTRACT: This research was carried out in the Gerantung Village of Monterado Subdistrict, Bengkayang Regency. The effective research period was held for two (2) weeks in the field using interviewswith EMIC approach and snowball sampling technique. The purpose of this research is toreveal the type of medicinal plants and their use and to reveal the medicinal plant parts used and the way of preparing the medicine by people around Gerantung Village, as well as to reveal the type of diseases that can be treated using the medicinal plant. The research found 51 species of medicinal plants belonging to 36 families that all used by the community, where processing is still traditional, based on habit and experience only. Based on the growth rate, it turned out that trees were most widely used with percentage of 37.25% or as many as 19 species. Based on thepart of the plant used, the leaf was the most widely used with a percentage of 54.90% or as many as 28 species. Based on way of processing, the most widely used was by boiling with a percentage of 52.94% or as many as 27 species. Based on the used the most widely used was by consuming with a percentage of 45.10% or as many as 23 species. And based on diseases treatment, the most widely used was for the treatment of internal diseases with as many as 32 species.
Keywords: Bengkayang, District Menterado, Medical Plant, Study
Penulis: Deny Gunadi, H. A. Oramahi, Gusti Eva Tavita
Kode Jurnal: jpkehutanandd170048

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