Abstract: This research aims at finding out society’s perception and the correlation of the society’s perception towards mangrove eco-tourism existance in in Pasir village Mempawah subdistrict Mempawah Regency about their income level, the number of their family dependents,the level of their dependence as well as their knowledge level toward mangrove. Thedescriptive result showed about the society’s perception on thier increased revenue that therewere 84 respondents, in which (17,86%) or 15 respondent stated their perception that theyhad gained their increased revenue, (58,33%) or 49 respondents had not gained theirincreased revenue yet and (23,81%) or 20 respondents did not gain their increased revenue.The Society’s perception showed based on jobfield that 84 respondents, in which (29,76%) or25 respondents stated that the existance of the mangrove eco-tourism had created jobfields,(53,57%) or 45 respondents stated it had not created the jobfields yet and (16,67%) or 14respondents stated it did not create the jobfields. The society’s perception showed about business opportunity that 84 responden, in which (14,29%) or 12 respondent stated that it had provided business opportunity, (72,62%) or 61 respondent stated it had not provided ityet and (13,10%) or 11 respondents stated it did not provide it. It proved that the existance ofthe mangrove eco-tourism had not provided positive impact towards the society about their inome, jobield as well as business opportunity. The resulting study showed that the society’sperception towards between the income level and the number of family dependents had nosignificant correlation, which means they had no effect on the society’s perception to the existance of the mangrove eco-tourism. The society’s perception to the level of theirdependence and their knowledge level, however, had a significant correlation, meaning thatthey provided a significant effect to the society about their perception towards the existance of the mangrove eco-tourism.
Keywords: Perception, Existance, Mangrove eco-tourism
Penulis: Dian Mayangsari, Sudirman Muin, Sarma Siahaan
Kode Jurnal: jpkehutanandd170077

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