Abstract: The construction of urban forest area around the village of Siantan Hulu has a diversity of plant species to high levels of the tree. The public perception of the existence of theurban forest development tends to be diverse. It is influenced by the existence of some ofthe stuff one of these economic factors, social ecology and interconnected with oneanother. In this study categorizes the three factors, namely the economic factor whetherthe existence of urban forest development is able to affect people's income. Ecologicalfactors are the existence of urban forest was able to maintain ecological nor the types ofplants and animals in the jungle of cities and social factors are the existence of urbanforest can affect your mindset and behaviour in society. This research aims to know thepublic perception about the construction of urban forest. The method of data collectionconducted with interview techniques aided tool questionnaire submitted to therespondent. The taking of the respondents done in a purposive sampling technique, it isthe technique of determination of samples with specific consideration. The resultsshowed that the public perception is seen from the economic factors to the developmentof urban forest tend to be neutral, namely of 58.00%. This proves that the communities in the Village Siantan Hulu support and accept the existence of the urban forestdevelopment in the UPTD agribusiness. The results of the analysis indicate the level ofthe frequency of the public perception of the ecological factors of society against theurban forest tend to be neutral, namely of 54.00%, this proves that people in the villageof Siantan Hulu accept the existence of the urban forest development in UPTDAgribusiness for maintaining and preserving the ecology that is in the forest and iscapable of being stabilised ecosystem. The results of the analysis indicate the level of the frequency of the public perception of the social factors of society against the urbanforest tend to be neutral, namely of 52.00%, This proves the existence of urban forestable to make social change for the society as there are mutual activities for urban forestdevelopment in order to remain sustainably so that their offspring will experience thegoodness provided by nature for them to enjoy in the future.
Keywords: Public Perception, Urban Forest Development
Penulis: Arief Auliyansyah, Emi Roslinda dan Dirhamsyah
Kode Jurnal: jpkehutanandd170069

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