Abstract: One component of the tropical rainforest ecosystem is the understorey plants. The presence of understorey plants in post-coal mines will accelerate restoring disturbed forest land. This research aims to determine the condition of both understorey and natural pioneer species at the post-coalmine land, in terms of species richness and its diversity. The data was collected by using the ploted-line method, mainly over revegetated land. The result of understorey species at revegetated land is 43 species, while from its surrounding  is even 71 species respectively. The data showed that the number of understorey species at revegetated land is lower than its sorrounding. The condition is probably close related to the prior status of mining land as plantation and limited production forest. However, in compare with baseline data at the early time of revegetation activity, the number of understorey species was more diverse at the time of study. During inventory at the revegetation land was also found four species of pioneer plants namely Homalanthus populneus, Macaranga gigantea, Macaranga tanarius, and Trema orientalis. Post-coalmining land is looking as  severe degraded land following intensivelly managed, those consequenly bring through a limited number of understorey species
Kata kunci: Pasca tambang; tumbuhan bawah; tumbuhan pionir
Penulis: Krisna Adib Setiawan, Sutedjo Sutedjo, Paulus Matius
Kode Jurnal: jpkehutanandd170209

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