Abstract: Ganoderma is a pathogen cause rot root desease which attack the plant with a wide range of ages. It is necessary to do research to know level of acacia plant resistance at1 month and 3 months on Ganoderma infection. The research aims was to determine theeffect of Ganodermainfecton on acacia resistance at the age of 1 month and 3 month.The research used a factorial completely randomized design which consist of twotreatment factor namely Ganoderma and age of seedling. Ganoderma treatment is control (G0), Ganoderma from palm oil (G1), Ganoderma from the acacia host (G2),Ganoderma from the rubber host (G3). The age treatment of seedling is 1 month acaciaseedlings and 3 month acacia seedlings. Each treatment was repeated 3 times with 4plants per replication resulting in 96 experimental units. Research observation variableis desease severty index by in vivo and dry weight of the plant. The result showedGanoderma is pathogenic in 1 month acacia seedling with a severity index value of 0,6and 3 month acacia seedling with a severity index value of 1. Dry weight of plant control treatment of acacia seedling age 3 months higher than other treatment that is11,27. 3 month old acacia seedlings are more susceptible and rapidly cause symptomsof Ganoderma infection than 1 month old acacia seedlings.
Keywords: Acacia mangium seedling, Ganoderma sp., In vivo Infection
Penulis: Surya Sulendra, Rosa Suryantini, Reine Suci Wulandari
Kode Jurnal: jpkehutanandd170075

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