ABSTRACT: The main challenge in the protection and management of forests in Indonesia often comes from people living around the forest. Ethnic Dayak Jelai are an indigenous ethnic group of the Jelai Comunity in Sidahari village which inhabiting the area around Tembawang in Jelai Hulu of Ketapang Regency. This study aims to explore the local wisdom of community in SidahariVillage, Jelai Hulu Subdistrick, Ketapang Regency on Tembawang management. The data were collected through in-depth interviews, observation of the relevant objects, and samples were taken with a snow-ball technique sampling. The results of the research showed 3 (three) forms of local wisdom in the village of Sidahari in the management and utilization of Tembawang. The first was the traditional ceremony of “ Pa Alapan Buah”which held when durian and other fruit trees such as langsat, duku, rambutan, asam bacang, asam mbawang, begin to enterflowering period. The second was traditional ceremony of “Menjangkap” which representative traditional ceremony performed before in the fruits (durian) fall, i.e. before harvesting begins/or before climbing of durian trees. The third was the traditional ceremony of “Senggayong”which implemented during the abudance of fruit season and all fruit trees in the Tembawang already producing dense of fruit efforts in the managemnt, maintenace, develompment andpreservation of Tembawang conducted with activities in the form of weeding (slashing) andfogging the area around Tembawang during fruit season or after fruit season. The other formsof local wisdom related to management Tembawang in the village of Sidahari are in the form of applying customary law for each violation be it intentionally or unintentionally damaging orcutting down fruit trees within the Tembawang.
Keywords: Customary law, Jelai Dayak ethnic, local wisdom, snow-ball sampling, traditional ceremony
Penulis: Sofia Levi, H. A. Oramahi dan Iskandar
Kode Jurnal: jpkehutanandd160266

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