Abstract: Tembawang is a system of land use by Dayak tribe community in West Kalimantan which is considered as unique ecosystem because it holds very high value. Tembawang in Ngarak has been converted into shifting cultivation and tree felling so that caused the reduction of vegetation type in the tembawang. This study aims to examine the diversity of vegetation species found in tembawang in Ngarak, Mandor Sub district of Landak District. The benefit of the research is to provide information on the diversity of vegetation types found in tembawang in Ngarak. The results showed that the diversity of vegetation type of constituents in Ngarak village there were 54 species of vegetation grouped into 22 families identified. Levels of seedlings in hill tembawang 21 species, while in tembawang lowland 6 species. The level of stake in hill tembawang 22 species, while in the lowland tembawang 16 species. Level pole in hill tembawang 14 species, while in tembawang lowland 11 species. The tree level in the hill tembawang 18 species, while in the lowland tembawang 11 species. The dominance index (C) for all growth rates in Ngarak village has low index of dominance because it is still far from the highest dominance value (C = 1), while the diversity index (H ') in hill tembawang shows diversity level which is classified as abundant 1 ≤ H '≤ 3 except at the pole level, the diversity is low because of the value of 0.84.
Keywords: Diversity, Dominant, Species, Tembawang
Penulis: Zainullah, Burhanuddin,  Fahrizal
Kode Jurnal: jpkehutanandd170118

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