Abstract: Chicken nugget is a processed chicken product, cooked made from a mixture of ground chicken meat were given coating, with or without the addition of other ingredients and permitted food additives. Chicken nuggets are a popular food product, but chicken nugget has the disadvantage that has a low fiber content. Lack of fiber content can be improved by adding menjes flour on chicken nuggets. Menjes flour have a high fiber content, which is 61.55%, has a savory flavor, widely available and affordable price. The design of the study is a randomized block design (RBD) with one factor, seven level of menjes flour concentration of 0%, 1.5%, 3%, 4.5%, 6%, 7.5% and 9 % with three times repeated. Parameter study include WHC, pH, moisture content, fiber content, texture (hardness, springiness, cohesiveness, fractubility, gumminess and chewiness), and product preferences in organoleptic (juiceness, texture and flavor). The data will be analyzed by Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) at α = 5% and further testing is test DMRT (Duncan's Multiple Range Test) at α = 5% when there are significant differences between treatments. The result showed that the difference variation in addition of menjes flour was significantly affected (α = 5%) against moisture, WHC, texture (hardness and cohesiveness). Variation in addition of menjes flour also significantly affected to product organoleptic including flavor, texture, and juiceness. Larger addition of menjes flour increasing moisture content and hardness, but decreasing WHC, cohesiveness and panelist preference. The best treatment was obtained at addition 1.5% menjes flour with 160% WHC, 55.82% moisture content, 9534.204 g hardness, 0.637 cohesiveness, and 2.09% dietary fiber.
Kata kunci: nugget, ayam, tepung menjes, fisikokimia, organoleptik
Penulis: Ellen Yahya, Thomas Indarto Putut Suseno, Erni Setijawati
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd130524

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