Keragaman Jamur yang Mengkontaminasi Beras dan Jagung di Pasar Tradisional Denpasar

ABSTRACT: The diversity of fungi that contaminate rice and corn in the traditional market of Denpasar. Rice and corn are food commodities consumed daily by the public,but the rice and corn has been contaminated by a fungus, during the process of transportationand storage of experience. So it appears the author wishes to examine how big fungus hascontaminated rice and corn in the traditional market town of Denpasar. Research conducted atthe Laboratory of Plant Pathology, from April to June 2016. Research carried out consistedof: (1) isolating fungi that contaminate the rice and corn, and identify microscopymorphological, and (2) determine the diversity index and dominance index, as wellprevaliensi fungal contamination. Identify the genera level, using reference books Samson et al., 1981; Pitt dan Hocking, 1997; Barnett dan Hunter, 1998; dan Indrawati et al., 1999. Theresults showed that the fungus can contaminate both the rice and corn in the market Kereneng,Agung, Badung and Ketapaian were Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus spp.The highest prevalence of fungi that contaminate both the rice and maize are the A. flavus,73.61 % and 92.96 % respectively. Index of diversity in rice and corn amounting to 0.742 0,302. Index of dominance in rice and maize respectively 0.581 and 0.867. Aflatoxins werefound to have not reached the threshold tolerated (20 ppb) is in the rice at 0 ppb, while thelargest corn at 2,133 ppb in Kereneng market.
Keywords: Rice, corn, diversity index, dominance index and prevalence
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd170009

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