Implementasi Metode Diskusi Terhadap Peningkatan Hasil Belajar Siswa

Abstract: There are many of learning approaches and methods that could produce an active students in the learning process. The teacher has important role to engage students in the learning process. Discussion method is a kind of teaching method that believed could solve problems by exchanging ideas with mutually consensus among group members and participants. Discussion method is a way of presenting a lesson, where students are faced with a problem, which can be either statements or questions are problematic to be discussed and solved together. Nevertheless, the discussion method are facing the problem in terms of fiqh study areas. Some of students consider trivial and seem less interested in studying the field of fiqh study, so the impact on the results obtained by the students. There were some issues raised in this study: first, to determine the learning plan fiqh by using the method of discussion at High School Darussalam. Second, to examine the implementation of fiqh study by using the discussion method at High School Darussalam. And third, to find out the learning outcome fiqh by using the method of discussion on student High School Darussalam. This research was kind of qualitative researchwhich aimed to describe or analyze the phenomenon, events, social activities, beliefs, perceptions, thoughts people individually or in groups. The tools used are observation, documentation and interview. The finding of the research could be carried out in three phases, planning through the process of preparing teaching materials, syllabus and lesson plans. In this phase of implementation is in accordance with what was previously planned. The planning phases was discussion method preparation until discussion method implementation in some specific material. The outcome presents a critical changes, particularly at the mastery of materials, the seriousness of learning and the value obtained through discussion method.
Keywords: Discussion method, Learning
Penulis: Syafruddin
Kode Jurnal: jptlisetrodd170412

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