ABSTRACT: Electric power source is a necessity in everyday life for lighting, electronic goods. In the presence of electricity, electronic equipment such as lamps and others can be operated. But in such operations, it is sometimes difficult to do such as opening the gate, turning on the water pump, because it is still done manually. One solution to overcome these problems is to apply tools that can control from a distance easily by using the remote control. Remote Control is a portable device that can be used to switch on or off and disconnect power from a remote without using a connecting cable. The remote control equipment uses a set of transmitters and receivers and drives a relay that acts as a circuit breaker and connects the power supply, while the transmitter and receiver act as the sender and receiver of the digital signal data to the radio control remote. The results showed that remote control application on hoist machine in cement mill indarung IV. Padang cement can replace the manual switch to become more efficient in the process of moving the motor Hoist in the cement mill. The results of comparison analysis between the use of push button by using a regular switch and radio remote control can save the use of cable about 27 meters.
Keywords: remote control, hoist
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Kode Jurnal: jptlisetrodd170546

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