X-ray Imaging Technology Application in Fuxin Switch Equipment Test

Abstract: Since the equipment transmission parts of combination electric appliance in transformer substation are located in the shell, when an internal fault appears, the traditional charged test method only can preliminarily determine the defective position and types, but cannot directly shows the internal defects of the equipment. The Fuxin Company actively introduced X-ray CR imaging test technology and applied it to imaging test of switch equipment, achieved the visual inspection of equipment internal condition without disassembly of equipment and influence on the normal operation condition, and more accurately judged the defect nature, position and size. Practice results show that as a new method of switch devices testing, the X-ray imaging test can successfully achieve the visual and mobile NDT.
Keywords: Switch equipment; X-ray; DR imaging; Test; Defect
Author: Jianjun Wu, Yupeng Wang, Qing Ye, Baichao Su
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160026

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