Voltage-Current Characteristic Test for Bridge Body of Ignition Device of Semiconductor Bridge

Abstract: To further grasp the voltage-current characteristics for ignition device of semiconductor bridge and accordingly guide the actual application, the voltage-current characteristics for the bridge body ofignition device of semiconductor bridge are tested in the paper. Firstly, introduce the principle of SCBcircuit and provide the connection circuit, device elements to be used and symbolic expression; secondly, conduct SCB voltage-current characteristic test with the resistance in the form of serial-parallel connection based on charging and discharging and curve equation of diode I-V; finally, with regard to the typical RLC second-order system characteristic for the bridge body of ignition device of semiconductor bridge, compare the test values and simulation values of voltage and current to verify the effectiveness of experimental process.
Keywords: semiconductor bridge; ignition device; voltage-current
Author: Mingfang Liu, Lin Yu, Xia Han
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160044

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