Time-frequency Analysis of Track Irregularity Based on Orthogonal Empirical Mode Decomposition

Abstract: A method of extracting transient features of a non-stationary signal was proposed based on the combination of orthogonal empirical mode decomposition (OEMD) and the Hilbert transform. After obtaining orthogonal intrinsic mode functions, the instantaneous frequency and amplitude can becalculated, so problems existing in the original Hilbert-Huang Transform (HHT) method, such as modealiasing, can be solved. The track irregularity signal is studied with the OEMD method, and the statisticaland analytic result indicates that there are relatively serious short wave and long wave track irregularitiesin the sample signal. Analysis of track irregularities using OEMD is a new technical method for guaranteeing the safe running of railway.
Keywords: track irregularity, orthogonal empirical mode decomposition, Hilbert transform, time-frequency analysis
Author: Ling Zhao
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160062

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