The Strategies for Quorum Satisfaction in Host-to-Host Meeting Scheduling Negotiation

Abstract: This paper proposes two strategies for satisfying the quorum of two colliding meetings through host-to-host negotiation scheme. The strategy is to let a member attend the other meeting under the condition that the group decision regarding the schedule is not changed and meeting quorum is fulfilled, namely the unassignment strategy. Another strategy is to substitute the absent personnel member in order to keep the number of attendees above the quorum, namely the substitution strategy. This paper adapts a mechanism design approach, which is Clarke Tax Mechanism, in order to implement incentive compatibility and individual rationality principle in meeting scheduling. By using the unassignment strategy and substitution strategy, the meetings can still be held simultaneously according to the schedule without the need for rescheduling. This paper shows the simulation result of using the strategies within some scenarios. It demonstrates that the number of meeting failures caused by unsatisfied quorum can be reduced with host-to-host negotiation.
Keywords: meeting scheduling, conflict handling, negotiation strategies, Clarke Tax mechanism, meeting quorum
Author: Rani Megasari
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160022

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