The Secure Localization Algorithm of SDV-HOP in Wireless Sensor Networks

Abstract: Security risks and outside interference of the traditional DV-HOP location algorithm have also been analyzed in detail. For its shortcomings such as low positioning accuracy, vulnerable to wormholeattack and block attacks, a new location algorithm for wireless sensor network security SDV-HOP is proposed. Firstly, a password-based symmetric encryption and authentication solutions are added in the distance vector exchange protocol to defend against masquerade attacks. In the key agreement phase, nodes and neighbor nodes generate a key set of common for communication through their respective key. Beacon node authentication is in communication process of encryption and transmission. Because initial key is distributed randomly, even if an attacker hijack a part of the node, it still cannot infer the key the rest of keys between nodes; Second, for attacks against the wormhole attack and blocking the safe handling , an average hop-based distance estimation algorithm is introduced. The appropriate distance value for each hop is selected by judging and comparing hop distance. And an effective jump distance is obtained by using the weighted average method .So it can avoid errors caused by wormhole attacks. Simulation experiments on Matlab simulation platform show that the security algorithm not only has high accuracy but also can effectively prevent and resist external attack, so the new algorithm has high security.
Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, SDV (Security Distance Vector)-Hop secure localization algorithm, symmetric code encryption, wormhole attack, impersonation attack
Author: Hongbin Wang
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160069

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