Study on Reactive Power and Harmonic Characteristics of DC Ice-melting Technology based on RTDS Simulation and Field Test

Abstract: To study the characteristics of reactive power and harmonic of 500kV DC de-icer, the ice-melting technologies including the calculation method of critical ice-melting current, ice-melting time and maximumice-melting current are clarified. The detail ice-melting methods and strategies for the 500kV transmissionlines are proposed. Based on the ice-melting current calculation of Kang-Ding substation transmission lines in Sichuan, China, the 500kV/150MVA DC de-icer is deployed for the 500kV transmission lines. The effectiveness and feasibility of the ice-melting algorithm is validated by the RTDS simulation and the field test results. It is proved that the harmonic distortions of voltage and current are increased with the increasing ice melting current, which can be improved by the installation of passive filters.
Keywords: DC de-icer, Real time digital simulator (RTDS), ice-melting current, deicing operation mode, harmonic and reactive power characteristics
Author: Lin Xu, Yang Han
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160255

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