Short-frame Prior Scheduling with WRR Transmission Strategy in AFDX Terminal System

Abstract: A new scheduling strategy of terminal system virtual link (VL) is put forward, which is based on the short-frame prior scheduling and integrated with weighted round robin (WRR).The new approach,ensured the priority of the important short-frame and balanced the delay upper bound of other different priority signals. Based on the theory of network calculus, the paper derived the delay upper bound of different virtual links through the new combinatorial scheduling strategy and researched the relation among the maximum delay upper bound, weight ratio and frame length. The AFDX network model based on OPNET is established, the terminal system data transmission delay under the three scheduling strategy is simulated and compared. The results show that, the new scheduling strategy can reduce the maximum delay time of short-frame virtual link, and improve the processing bandwidth of relatively important task inlong-frame data transmission. Above all, it is feasible and applicable to airborne network with more shortframe and different priority data flows.
Keywords: AFDX; short-frame prior scheduling; WRR; the maximum delay upper bound; airborne network
Author: Yuanyuan Xu
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160024

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