Scalable Heterogeneous Nodes Deployment Algorithm for Monitoring of Underwater Pipeline

Abstract: Underwater Wireless Linear Sensor Networks (UW-LSNs) possess unique features for the pipeline monitoring as compared to the terrestrial sensor networks. Other than long propagation delays for long range underwater pipelines and high error probability, homogeneous node deployment also makes it harder to detect and locate the pipeline leakage efficiently. In order to tackle the problem of delay in large scale pipeline monitoring and unreliable underwater link quality, many algorithms have been proposed but the scalable nodes deployments still need focus and prime attention. In order to handle the problem of scalable nodes deployment, we therefore, propose a dynamic nodes deployment algorithm where every node in the network is assigned a location in the quick and efficient way without needing any localization scheme. It provides an option to handle the heterogeneous types of nodes, distribute topology and mechanism in which new nodes are easily added to the network without affecting the existing network performance. The proposed distributed topology algorithm divides the pipeline length into segments and sub-segments in order to manage the higher delay issue. Normally nodes are randomly deployed for the long range underwater pipeline inspection yet they require proper dynamic nodes deployment algorithm assigning unique position to each node.
Keywords: scalability, heterogeneity, nodes deployment algorithm, underwater pipeline monitoring
Author: Muhammad Zahid Abbas
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160281

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