Research on Sensor Network Spectrum Detection Technology based on Cognitive Radio Network

Abstract: With the bursting development of computer science and the hardware technology, Internet of Things and wireless sensor networks has been popularly studied in the community of engineering. Under the environment of Internet of Things, we carry out theoretical analysis and numerical simulation on the sensor network spectrum detection technology based on cognitive radio network. As a means of information and intelligence, information service system is an important research hotspot in the field of Internet of things. Wireless sensor network is composed of a large number of micro sensor nodes, which have the function of information collection, data processing, and wireless communication, characterized by the integration of wireless self-organization. However, most of the methodologies proposed by the other institutes are suffering form the high complexity while with the high time-consuming when processing information. Therefore, this study is to assess the economic feasibility of using the optimized multipath protocol availability and the increased bandwidth and several mobile operators through the use of cost-benefit analysis, single path selection model is to develop more path agreement to achieve better performance. To test the robustness, we compare our method with the other state-of-the-art approach in the simulation section and prove the effectiveness of our methodology. The experimental result reflected that our approach could achieve higher accuracy with low time-consuming when dealing with complex sources of information.
Keywords: Sensor Network; Cognitive Radio Network; Collaboration for Distributed Detection; Spectrum Detection Technology; Topology Optimization
Author: Wenzhun Huang, Xinxin Xie, Yuting Zhang, Shanwen Zhang
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160190

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