Rancang Bangun Perangkat Pengendali Lampu Lalu Lintas Menggunakan Logika Fuzzy Berbasis Mikrikontroler Atmega 8535

Abstract: The control system of traffic lights takes an important role in providing the better arrangement and control the flow of traffic. A better strategy in controling the flow of traffic can increase the movement of vehicles with shorten time-traveler. The aims of this writing is to design and make devices controller traffic lights using fuzzy logic ( smart traffic light ) based mikrokontroler Atmega 8535.
The design of the equipment used governance system traffic light intersection of two phases which meant there would be two cross a flaming green light the at same time. The stage design started from design hardware referried to blok diagram system, next the program was made in accordance with planning.  HC-SR04 sensors were used to detect passing vehicles on each cross. The sensors is using to detect the density of vehicles with 5 circumstances, namely a little, middle, normal, many and very much. The minimum time for green and red lights on each cross was 5 seconds, and maximal 30 seconds.
The results of testing of this devices showed the LEDs and seven segment displayed would light up according to the input sensor. Ability HC-SR04 sensors detected object at a distance 30-40 cm with error < 3 % without regarder light or color object. Thus, overall traffic light management system could adjust the flame of the old green light according to the level of the existed vehicle density.
Keywords: Fuzzy Logic, ATmega 8535, and HC-SR04 Sensor
Penulis: Aswardi, Irma Husnaini
Kode Jurnal: jptlisetrodd150863

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