Quadrotor Path Planning Based On Modified Fuzzy Cell Decomposition Algorithm

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to present an algorithm to determine the shortest path for quadrotor to be able to navigate in an unknown area. The problem in robot navigation is that a robot has incapability of finding the shortest path while moving to the goal position and avoiding obstacles. Hence, a modification of several algorithms is proposed to enable the robot to reach the goal position through the shortest path. The algorithms used are fuzzy logic and cell decomposition algorithms, in which the fuzzy algorithm which is an artificial intelligence algorithm is used for robot path planning and cell decomposition algorithm is used to create a map for the robot path, but the merger of these two algorithms is still incapable of finding the shortest path. Therefore, this paper describes a modification of the both algorithms by adding potential field algorithm that is used to provide weight values on the map in order for the quadrotor to move to itsgoal position and find the shortest path. The modification of the algorithms has shown that quadrotor is able to avoid various obstacles and find the shortest path so that the time required to get to the goal position is shorter.
Keywords: Cell Decomposition, Quadrotor, Fuzzy, Shortest Path, Modified Potential Field
Author: Iswanto
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160243

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